Untamed Raptors by Fingerlings have sensors on their nose and head and they respond to strokes and taps and react accordingly. They know if they’re laying down to sleep, shaken or hanging upside down. Untamed Raptor bring hours of fun and really brings out your kids imagination when they have the mission of taming the Dinosaur. The Untamed Raptor requires an adult to change the battery if the Dinosaur is slowing in its reaction time or not responding but do just check they aren’t just in sleeping mode.

Top 5 Toys for Boys: Fingerlings Raptors
Top 5 Toys for Boys: Fingerlings Raptors
  • Pros
  • Sensors on it’s head & nose
  • Dinosaur reacts with sound
  • Dinosaur is intelligent & knows if it’s on its back or upside down
  • Imaginative fun as you wear the Dinosaur on your fingers
  • Provides hours of fun
  • Cons
  • Needs an adult to change batteries as it has screws
  • Sleep mode can be mistaken for the batteries going
Top 5 Toys for Boys: Fingerlings Raptors

Recommend age: 5+

Battery life: Takes 4 x LR44 Batteries (Come in the box)

Charge time: Change batteries

Does it need building: No, just switching on

Has it got small bits that can come off: No, but adult supervision is required for the very young.

What we think

The fingerlings are such impressive little things. We were so surprised with how much has been packed into these little dinosaurs that you wear on your fingers. They have their own personalities which responds to the touch and care of the wearer.

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