Ryan’s World Mystery Mini Egg is something different to chocolate, Ryans World Mystery Egg provides different things to play with in each section. A figure as the main toy, putty in another section and the most bouncy of balls in the other. There are stickers and tattoos within. This is the Boys answer to the LOL Doll. The Ryans World Mystery Egg isn’t suitable for for under 36 months.

Top 5 Toys for Boys: Ryan's World Mystery Egg
Top 5 Toys for Boys: Ryan's World Mystery Egg
  • Pros
  • Have the fun of breaking the egg to get inside
  • Four sections to the egg and toys are in surprise opaque packaging
  • Figure, putty, bouncy ball, stickers and tattoos found in the egg
  • Can start to collect the figures
  • Be just like Ryan when you receive your egg and you can even watch Ryan himself open his on YouTube. Maybe do it at the same time?
  • Cons
  • Is NOT suitable for under 36 months
Top 5 Toys for Boys: Ryan's World Mystery Egg

Recommend age: 3-5

Battery life: N/A

Charge time: N/A

Does it need building: No, just unpacking

Has it got small bits that can come off: YES

What we think

Everyone’s talking about Ryan and the Mystery Egg has defiantly got it’s place in out Top 5 Toys for Boys. With his enormously successful YouTube channel dedicated to toys of course Ryan had to bring out a toy of his own because he knows what makes an amazing toy! His egg has been put together just for Spring 2019 so that Easter can be that bit more special for kids everywhere. Let your kids open their Ryans World Mini Egg along side their friend Ryan, as there is a video of Ryan opening his own egg on YouTube. We think it’s a lovely little touch.

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