Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Express was a easy pick for our Top 5 Toys for Boys. The Lego Hogwarts Express is really fun to use and you can not only take the roof off the carriages but also the whole side so it’s so much more accessible than the older models. The wheels on this model are so much more like  the real Hogwarts Express wheels than any older versions. It also comes with the SWEETIE CART AND LUGGAGE TROLLY. A really good present to have for Lego and Harry Potter fans or train fans and most kids are.

Top 5 Toys for Boys: Lego Harry Potter
Top 5 Toys for Boys: Lego Harry Potter
  • Pros
  • More accurate wheels to older models as they have the right amount and are a more accurate size
  • The side comes off making it easier to place things inside, including Lego people inside for play or display
  • Can lock wheels or unlock dependant on if you’re wanting to move the train
  • Comes with sweetie cart and luggage trolly
  • Cons
  • Box doesn’t list how many parts are included
Top 5 Toys for Boys: Lego Harry Potter

Recommend age: 8-14

Battery life: N/A

Charge time: N/A

Does it need building: YES

Has it got small bits that can come off: YES

What we think

We are so impressed with the new accessibility of the carriages on this toy. The fact that the side can come off shows that Lego has chosen to focus this train on the play element. It makes it so much easier to put the figures in and move bits in and out as desired. A lovely new touch. Plus we are fans of anything and everything Harry Potter.

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