GraviTrax Starter Set updated game of marbles with the excitement of a modern track. For a kid that wants to build something, they learn a lot through whilst building their personal GravitTrax track and there’s extension kits to buy. They can play and benefit and it takes work so does require time and a little patience to reap the rewards of this explorative game.

Top 5 Toys for Boys: Gravitrax stater set
Top 5 Toys for Boys: Gravitrax stater set
  • Pros
  • Modern version of the classic game of marbles which has been played by many generations
  • New interesting track, playing with the idea of gravity to see what different and intelligent ways you can get the ball to move encouraging strategic thinking
  • Extensions can be bought so that if you love the building aspect you can advance further
  • Sturdy structures
  • Cons
  • Game requires patience when putting together to see results
Top 5 Toys for Boys: Gravitrax stater set

Recommend age: 8+

Battery life: N/A

Charge time: N/A

Does it need building: YES

Has it got small bits that can come off: YES

What we think

We love how GraviTrax has forwarded the game of marbles into 2019. Marbles is such a classic I’m sure we’ve all played again and again as well as our parents. GraviTrax has found a way to keep it as alive as ever in this new age, battling things like mobiles and tv. The game requires thought and building. We fully endorse anything that makes kids use their heads and there hands instead of just their texting thumbs.

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