ELC HappyLand Cherry Lane Cottage

ELC HappyLand Cherry Lane Cottage

HappyLand Cherry Lane Cottage from the Early Learning Centre is the sweetest little cottage with the most wonderful friendship inside. A perfect toy for imagination. Your child can bring the two characters to life with play and create their own beautiful stories. There are two pets, moveable furniture and cottage that opens with a tree house attached. Can we move in? 

Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

The Flybar my first foam pogo jumper is a gentle, yet equally exciting, nod to the classic pogo stick. It a bouncy play/work out in one. This one product helps hand-eye coordination, balance and strength. It’s an indoor and outdoor toy so come rain or shine this toy can entertain for hours, making this a excellent gift idea for kids. This Flybar Pogo Jumper also comes in many colours.


Sass & Belle Rainbow Unicorn Kid’s Tea Set

Sass & Belle Rainbow Unicorn Kid’s Tea Set is a beautiful little set for a proper little lady. It’s a ideal toy for her to play hostess to a party of four. With a lovely design for both the set and the case, this is a great gift for a girl aged 3+ It’s an imaginary picnic favourite and a stunning gift featuring unicorns, rainbows, clouds and stars.


Wheelybug Toddler Ride On Animal

Wheelybug’s are an adorable solution for anyone looking for an active gift for a child. From penguins to piglets, you name it.. there’s likely a wheelybug for it. It helps to encourage using lower limb muscles. It’s got multi-directional castors, offering more manoeuvrability so it turns which ever way they want and they won’t get stuck. Develops special awareness excellently.


Monster Jam – Mayhem Playset

Monster Jam is here to give your little boy a game that’s full of excitement. It’s monster trucks and sharks, you can’t get more action packed than that. The idea is to launch the monster truck from the ramp, through the air and between the jaws of the shark just in time before it crunches down on the body of the truck. Thrill seekers galore!

Ryan’s World Mystery Mini Egg

Ryan’s World Mystery Mini Egg is something different to chocolate, Ryans World Mystery Egg provides different things to play with in each section. A figure as the main toy, putty in another section and the most bouncy of balls in the other. There are stickers and tattoos within. Collect them all as no two eggs are the same!

Elasti Plasti

Elasti Plasti has new impressive colours. The craze isn’t backing down because they’re so simple but fun. These gained so much attention in the press when Hamleys started selling them because kids love it. It’s irresistible to not want to press your fingers and palms into the gooey texture and that goes for adults too.

GraviTrax Starter Set

GraviTrax Starter Set updated game of marbles with the excitement of a modern track. For a kid that wants to build something, they learn a lot through whilst building their personal GravitTrax track and there’s extension kits to buy. This creative toy takes work so does require time and a little patience to reap the rewards of this game.