The Fire Kid Edition 7 Tablet: Choices

Like most products, the Fire Kids Edition Tablet comes with options.
You can either choose the Fire Kids Edition 7, 8 or the Fire Kids Edition 10.
But whats the difference?

Well its pretty simple…
The Fire Kid Edition 7 Tablet has a 7 inch (7″) screen and has a memory of 16GB.
The All-New Fire Kid Edition 8 Tablet has a 8 inch (8″) screen and has a memory of 32GB.

The Fire Kid Edition 10 Tablet has a 10 inch (10.1″) screen 1080p and has a memory of 32GB.

So to conclude
The Fire Kids 10 has double the memory, which is always a bonus.
It has a 1080p resolution, larger screen, which is entirely up to the preference of the user.
However, the bigger and better models always come with a small price increase.
Toyzone thinks is completely worth it though 🙂

So if you are ready to view or purchase the Fire Kids Edition Tablets…

Please find all the options below or take a look at our full review of this product here.

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet:
7″ Display, 16 GB

All-New Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet:
8″ Display, 32 GB

Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet:
10.1″ 1080p Display, 32 GB

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