Summer of ’20 – Wake up up it’s a beautiful morning!!! Think you’ve exhausted every activity and toy possible over the last few months. These are our Best Toys for Summer 2020, so that you can stay one step ahead of the fun.

Keep things new and exciting with these forward thinking products. The sun is shining and toy zone know the best ways to enjoy it. Here are our most exciting summer games for kids 2020.

As always our priority is to keeps your little ones busy and happy. We’ve had so many parents asking “how can I entertain my kids?”, at the moment. Sometimes it’s hard to not be doing what feels like the same thing day in day out. Freshen up the toy box with our best summer toys 2020.

Toyzone are thinking of new games for your kids so you can just scroll, click, play without the pressure of a huge search. Lets make the most of this extra time we’ve had with the kids this summer.

Best Toys for Summer 2020 - Buyer's Guide


Starting off our Best Toys for Summer is thing amazing little gadget by Redpawz. Kids (and adults) have always been fascinated by flying. Drones have been so popular and really exciting for a few years now. This is a perfect starter mini drone from Redpawz. It’s a brilliant chance for your child to have fun indoors and outdoors, piloting the drone, testing the flips and flying!

If your child loves the idea of having gadgets and flying machines and just about anything with a remote- this is a perfect buy. The quadcopter is a good stepping stone for a child wanting to enter the world of flight. See how they get on with the remote control drone giving them to freedom to fly from their own back garden. This is a very fun toy for summer 2020.

REDPAWZ H36 MINI DRONE - Best Toys for Summer 2020 - Buyer's Guide
REDPAWZ H36 MINI DRONE - Best Toys for Summer 2020 - Buyer's Guide
  • Headless mode, this means that the drone will move in the direction you choose with the remote from your point of view. So it doesn’t matter which way it is facing, if you push the control stick right, the drone goes right so to speak…
  • With the click of a button the drone does a 360-degrees Flip, for an action packed, show off flight.
  • 6-Axis gyroscope- what’s this you ask? This provides stability, allowing stronger wind resistance and ease of control.
  • Fitted LED lights for night flight potential.
  • Wallet friendly.
  • Short battery life (luckily charging is quite fast).
  • Can only handle light wind.
RedPawz H36 Mini Drone - Best Toys for Summer 2020 - Buyer's Guide

Frequency: 2.4G
Channel: 4CH
Charging time: about 30-50 minutes
Flight time: About 5 minutes
Control distance: 30 meters
Transmitter battery: 2 x 1.5 AA(Not included)
Controls up // down // left turn // right turn // forward // back // left side fly // right side fly

Package Includes
1x JJRC H36 Drone
1x Transmitter
2x Battery
1x USB charging cable
4x Propellers
1x Use Manual

Charging takes around 30-50 minutes

What we think

Toyzone loves this little quad drone that means at play time the sky is the limit. It’s a great starter toy for a child that loves the idea of a drone but that you’re not quite ready to spend the big money on just incase they are not as careful with the controls yet.

This drone for a youngster is a brilliant way to give an ambitious child the freedom to play this summer. It’s a perfect opportunity to introduce them flying, letting them take control in piloting the aircraft but in a fun and safe way. This Childs drone is one of those toys that makes us wish we were a child in 2020!


You can’t go wrong with a sprinkler splash pad. A simple and refreshing way to keep a young child or toddler entertained. With a unique design, in both images and shape this splash pad is like a little water park in your very own garden. 

Shaped like a UFO with water coming from different directions and an underwater theme beneath your feet, this water park worthy play pool is ideal to keep you little one fascinated and engaged in the world of water.

VATOS SPRINKLER SPLASH PAD FOR KIDS TODDLERS - Best Toys for Summer 2020 - Buyer's Guide
VATOS SPRINKLER SPLASH PAD FOR KIDS TODDLERS - Best Toys for Summer 2020 - Buyer's Guide
  • Keeps your child cool on a hot summers day
  • It’s nice and shallow so you can relax knowing it’s safe
  • Very fun water features coming form every angle including a centre piece which is very unique
  • Incredibly easy to set up toy
  • Big size for a group to play on(2-4 kids and adults)
  • Made of extra thick PVC which is BPA free
  • Child must be over 18 months
VATOS SPRINKLER SPLASH PAD FOR KIDS TODDLERS - Best Toys for Summer 2020 - Buyer's Guide

What’s in the box: 1 ufo 2020 sprinkler splash pad, 1 user manual, 2 repair patches.

Theme is underwater world.

Diameter is 67”/170 cm.

Colour: Blue

Material: Non-toxic PVC.

Attaches to garden hose or PVC tubing – needs normal water pressure not high.

Centre piece (UFO base) needs inflating by mouth or pump.

What we think

Toyzone think that summer water games are the best part about the hot weather. This splash pad is the perfect way to spend a hot day outside without over heating. This kiddie pool is one way to keep your child cool on a hot summers day and it’s such a strong material you have nothing to worry about if you fancy a little dip yourself ;). It’s the ideal garden addition for a kids party. It brings the magic of an underwater world to your garden.

We here at toy zone can’t get enough of this kiddie pool, in our opinion it’s the best splash pad out there at the moment. The centre piece provides that extra element of fun that makes the Vatos splash pad on of the best garden activities of 2020 for those little ones. It’s a great way to eep your child cool on a hot summers day and it’s such a strong material you have nothing to worry about if you fancy a little dip.

It’s up there in our picks for best summer toys for children under 5.


This is for the budding photographers, vloggers and general – loves a good gadget – kid. This is a wonderful present for a 2020 child. The Vtech action cam captures those precious memories and adventures in photo and film meaning you’ll never miss a moment.

See things through you’re childs eyes by watching back each adventure and experience. Kids love to share their day with you the moment they get home so now you can let them actually show you. Capture the moments to remember of 2020 with this kids recorder.

2020 REVIEW - Best Toys for Summer 2020 - Buyer's Guide
2020 REVIEW - Best Toys for Summer 2020 - Buyer's Guide
  • Perfect first camera.
  • Takes HD videos and photos.
  • Can be used under water with waterproof case.
  • Capture 2.5 hours of fun.
  • See the world through your childs eyes.
  • Included mounts to attach to bicycles and more.
  • Can be used to create stop motion, slow motion, fast motion and reverse videos!
  • Micro SD not included
Best Toys for Summer 2020 - Buyer's Guide

Age recommendation: 36 months to 7 years

No assembly required.

Features a wide angle lens.

Built-in rechargeable battery.

1 Lithium ion battery required and included.

What we think

Toyzone think this is one of the best gifts you could give a kid of 2020. This is so forward thinking and a brilliant kids alternative if your not quite ready to put an expensive go pro in their little hands just yet…

We think this toy is just in time for 2020 summer holidays. Everyone has that summer to remember. This way they can relive it back again and again. they can show all their friends what they’ve been up to and it’s safe to pass it around with its hard casing. Also as a side notes it a perfect way to get you mobile to yourself instead of finding 500 pictures of your little persons thumb clogging up your memory and need to worry about cracking your screen! You can relax and let them have total reign of their Vtech kids cam recorder.


Giant inflatables are a big summer craze at the moment but this not just for adults on instagram. This Intex giant gator is such a fun way to enjoy a day at the pool. If your on holiday, this is a such an easy toy to pack. The Intex giant gator inflatable provides fun from start to end. This ride on inflatable will make pool time ao much more exciting and who doesn’t enjoy floating around the pool and on a GIANT Gator no less!

Make your trip to the pool action packed and dramatic for endless play time.This friendly gator will keep your child and a friend a float and transport them around the pool so when they need a rest from swimming but don’t want out of the pool this is the perfect solution for a fun pool toy.

  • Two sets of handles so more can play.
  • Also ‘giant size’ so everyone can enjoy.
  • Fun for kids gator design.
  • Strong vinyl material.
  • Makes the pool more accessible for swimmers that might need a break sometimes.
  • Heavy duty handles helping you get get onto the gator easier.
  • Not a very realistic design.
Best Toys for Summer 2020 - Buyer's Guide

Includes four heavy-duty grab handles and two air chambers for added safety.

Approximate deflated size: 80 in. x 45 in.

Age grading: 3+ years.

176 lb. max weight limit.

Includes a repair patch.

What we think

Toyzone wouldn’t ever go to the pool without an inflatable. We find that inflatables turn a dip in the pool, into endless fun for all. Floating on this giant gator is one sure way rule the pool! It’s such a strong material and brilliant size so that everyone can take it in turns floating or pulling, it not just a one person activity although that would be fine too! We highly recommend this exciting an sturdy pool inflatable, why not add it to your holiday toys for summer 2020.


Excite your senses with this Kinetic sand that is scented! There are four to choose from and each one is as rich as the next. Pick from Chocolate Swirl, Cherry Fizz, Sour Apple, Vanilla Cupcake. They are also so amazing to touch, giving them a spot in our best toys for summer 2020.

Scented sand is such a fantastic and unique idea, with mouth watering smells and eye popping colours. The scents are Cherry Fizz- think sweets and popsicles without the sugar content. Chocolate swirl- giving you the instant thought of the finest Belgian chocolate melting through you finger tips as the sand pours down. Sour apple – a crisp refreshing and mouth watering tingle. Vanilla cupcake – because there’s nothing like a freshly baked cake, warm out of the oven (or a sculpted replica for make believe). Just no licking those fingers!

KINETIC SAND SCENT - All colours - Best Toys for Summer 2020 - Buyer's Guide
KINETIC SAND SCENT - Cherry Fizz / Red - Best Toys for Summer 2020 - Buyer's Guide
  • Amazingly rich smells and colours.
  • Mould into what ever you want, let your imagination run wild.
  • Mix smells to your liking to make the perfect combo.
  • Texture can flow through your fingers like water.
  • Never dries out.
  • Squish it, mix it cut it, mould it.
  • Choking Hazard – Small parts.
KINETIC SAND SCENT - All flavours - Best Toys for Summer 2020 - Buyer's Guide

Recommend age: 36 months to 7 years.

226g of sand in each bag.

Bags sold separately.

Can be used for indoor and outdoor play.

What we think

Here at Toyzone we think these sands scents are wonderful and here is a perfect summery as to why- “For the sense of smell, almost more than any other, has the power to recall memories and it is a pity that we use it so little.” – Rachel Carson. Therefore we encourage you to help your little ones make memories by using their senses. Although 2020 is off to a slow start, make it a summer of family memories.

Thank you for reading Best Toys for Summer 2020

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